Adhere to these steps after a truck accident in Homestead

Commercial vehicles, including trucks and 18-wheelers, are accountable for some of the most catastrophic accidents in Florida. If you were injured in such a crash in Homestead, you must take swift steps to protect your health and the right to seek compensation. It is also pertinent that you speak to an experienced and known injury lawyer in the city to know the situation better. Here are some steps to adhere to after a truck accident in Homestead.

  1. Pull over and get the info you need: If you decide to just drive away from the scene, you could end up with criminal charges. It is imperative that you stop and exchange contact and info details with other drivers at the location. Don’t engage in a blame game at this point.
  2. Get medical care: When you or someone is seriously hurt in a truck accident, don’t hesitate to call 911. Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room and seek medical attention. While you may not have immediate symptoms of an injury, you should still check with a physician as early as possible.
  3. Report the crash: Never step back from calling the local law enforcement to report the accident. The Homestead police will make a report, which will come in handy for the claim. Remember, you don’t have to blame the other party for the mishap or share too much with the investigating officer.
  4. Document everything: Insurance companies, the police, and other parties will do their best to find who is liable for an accident, but when you are at the scene, you must document all the details. Note down the license plate numbers, take pictures with your phone, and get the contact details of witnesses at the scene.
  5. Inform your insurer: Florida is a no-fault state for car and truck accidents, which means you will have to turn to your insurer in typical situations. The PIP coverage will pay your medical bills and wage losses to an extent, and it is best to inform your insurer as soon as possible.
  6. Find a personal injury attorney: Not all attorneys deal with complicated truck accident claims, and it is essential to find someone who specializes in personal injury law in Florida and offers comprehensive services. Your lawyer will evaluate damages, assess the worth of your claim, and take steps to gather evidence. They will also investigate further to find more details.

You can find local listings of personal injury attorneys in Homestead through an online search.

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