Dealing with the Semi-Truck Accidents and Taking the Right Steps

If you or any of your family members have met with an accident with a semi-truck, you must understand that they are different from accidents with other vehicles. The nature and extent of losses and damages are way more complicated. Hence, you should understand what factors contribute to these accidents. First, contacting a good law firm like Ladah Law Firm can save you from several hassles. Hiring a lawyer will ensure handling the case and fighting for your rights, which may not be possible otherwise. 

The complexity of the semi-truck accidents

All personal injury cases are based on the same law in which you will have to prove the evidence showing that the negligent party caused injuries and losses, which he will have to pay. However, semi-truck accidents are different in terms of the weight of the vehicle, operations and other factors. In car accidents, the driver’s actions play a vital role in establishing the liability. He may have jumped the red signal or he was at a higher speed. On the other hand, semi-truck accidents are affected by several other factors such as distance from other vehicles on the road, condition of the road and weather. 

Factors affecting your claim

You might be surprised to know that the claim will be affected by the following points:

  • Whether the driver has worked for extended hours
  • Semi-truck was poorly loaded or wrongly loaded
  • Improper maintenance of the semi-truck
  • Untrained driver forced to drive the semi-truck 
  • The driver was at a higher speed to meet the deadlines specified by the trucking company

At the time of awarding the compensation, the judge or the claim insurance company will consider all these factors. Hence, you need to have an attorney on your side so that he can maximize the claim amount. In most cases, the lawyer will prove that the trucking company has not followed all the rules for keeping and maintaining trucks properly.  He will get in touch with the company to obtain all documents related to trucks, repairs, servicing and others. 

Apart from this, a lawyer will go through the general and business ethics of the company to find out whether it has ever been non-compliant. Based on the investigations, he will be able to present your case to the insurance company or the court. His major role in this is to get the right amount of compensation for you. 

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