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Lesduels: A Website for Horse Racing Fans


If you are a fan of horse racing, you might have heard of Lesduels, a website that offers tips and predictions for various races around the world. Lesduels is one of the most popular and trusted sources of horse racing information, and it claims to have a high success rate and a loyal customer base. We will review Lesduels and see what it has to offer to its visitors and subscribers.

What is Lesduels?

Lesduels is a website that provides free and paid tips for horse racing enthusiasts. According to its homepage, Lesduels offers the following services:

Lesduels claims that its tips are based on a reliable and proven method that is developed by its experts. It also claims that its subscribers can win up to 6/7 quintés+ (a type of bet that involves picking the first five horses in order) in order with Lesduels.

How to use Lesduels?

Lesduels is easy to use and navigate. On its homepage, you can find the daily free tips for the quinté+ race of the day, which is usually held in France. The tips include the base solide, outsider valable, tocard à suivre, and pour corser les rapports, as well as the profile of the winner, the big chance, and the sure bets. You can also find the final result of the race and compare it with the tips.

If you want to access more tips and predictions for other races, you can subscribe to Lesduels’s VIP or Premium service. The VIP service costs 49€ or 32,000FCFA for 7 days, while the Premium service costs 77€ or 50,000FCFA for 15 days or 100€ or 153,000FCFA for a month. To subscribe, you need to contact Lesduels by email at or by WhatsApp at +226 77 19 14 34.

As a subscriber, you will receive the best six horses for each race, as well as the tiercé (a bet that involves picking the first three horses in order), quarté (a bet that involves picking the first four horses in order), and quinté+ bets. You can also access the reserved tips for VIP and Premium subscribers on the website.

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Is Lesduels reliable?

Lesduels claims to be a reliable source of horse racing tips, but how true is that? To answer this question, we decided to look at some of its recent tips and results and see how they matched up.

Here are some examples of Lesduels’s tips and results for the quinté+ races in October 2023:

The final result of the race was:

- Arrival Order: **13**-**6**-16-1-5
- Non-runner(s): None

As you can see, Lesduels’s tips were very accurate for this race. It correctly predicted the first two horses in the quinté+, as well as the base solide and outsider valable. However, it did not provide any information about the other horses or bets, so we cannot evaluate them. Overall, Lesduels’s tips were good but incomplete for this race.

The final result of the race was:

- Arrival Order: **3**-**6**-**7**-**16**-**1**
- Non-runner(s): None

As you can see, Lesduels’s tips were not very accurate for this race. It only predicted one of the five horses in the quinté+, and it was the fifth one. It also missed the winner and the big chance, and it gave the wrong tiercé order. The only horse that was correct was the tocard à suivre, which was the second one. The pour corser les rapports was also wrong, as it was not in the quinté+. Lesduels’s tips were disappointing for this race.

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